"Friendship House gave me back my son.  There was a day before 
     Friendship House that I called my son and said I was coming to visit. 
     When he asked why, I said, "I want to see you one last time before you
     die."  It was perhaps the saddest day of my life, but I had come to the
     realization that I could not save him.  He had to want life as much as
     I wanted it for him.

     I cannot tell you the peace I now feel not to cringe every time the
     phone rings, and the joy I feel to see him at family functions again,
     looking happy and healthy.  I can once again honestly say I am very
    proud of the man my son has become.

     Friendship House helped my son change his life . . . and because of
     that, my life has been changed also.  Thank you for the bottom of my
- the mother of a resident

     "My experience at Friendship House was extremely positive.  This
     place was very helpful in terms of getting me out of a bad situation
     and into a more manageable one.  I made many new friends during
     my stay and will take those friendships with me as I prepare to leave.
     I thank God Friendship House was here for me when I needed it
- a former resident

     "I have been clean and sober for six months today and I owe much
     of that to the Friendship House.  It feels so good to know I am a part
     of something - like a family.  Here I have a nice warm bed, hot food,
     good friends . . . there's joking, laughter, and fun.  I didn't have any of
     that when I was using.  I'm so glad God brought me to the
     Friendship House!"
                                                                                      - a current resident